Blume Rose London Fog Blend




Stop and smell the roses with our take on an old fave. Our London Fog is oral, calming and softly sweet.

30 Servings | 100g

Ingredients: Organic Rose Petal Powder, Organic Decaf Black Tea Powder, Organic Bergamot Flavour, Organic Rosehips Powder, Organic Vanilla Flavour, Organic Tart Cherry Powder.

 A functional London Fog, without the syrup and caffeine. Stop and smell the roses with our superfood-infused take on an old fave. Micro-ground rose petals, rose-hips, and tart cherry makes this blend rich in vitamins and skin-boosting goodness. Rose has been used for centuries to ease symptoms of PMS and bloating. Sip and glow on. Vegan ☁ Decaf ☁ Sugar-Free ☁ Organic

All our ingredients are micro-ground for better absorption of health benefits and more versatility. Go beyond a latte to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal, and energy balls.

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