K'Pure Bath Soak 8oz



Indulge:A blend of citrus and sage pure and organic essential oils with organic Hibiscus flower. Pink Himalayan salts to detoxify and improve hydration and mineral absoption. A combo of Pink Himalayan salts, organic Hibiscus Flower, organic lime, lemon and sage essential oils.   

Recover: Your post workout for tired and sore muscles. A healing blend of salts, organic botanicals and essential oils. Ingredients include epsom salts, organic peppermint leaf, pure and organic essential oils (Peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary)

Relax: A bath soak before bed or any time of the day, with detoxifying Dead Sea Salts, soothing, organic calendula and a calming blend of organic lavender and cedarwood. 



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