Lee's Trip To Vegas!

Lee's Trip To Vegas!

February 14, 2019

So last week Lee and the owner, Norm, headed off to Vegas to the Magic convention! This happens twice a year and it is an opportunity to look at thousands different brands and items. Lee and Norm were able to discover new brands and check in with some of the brands we already carry to see what their Spring/Summer collections will be like and place any orders. 

Some of the trends that are very apparent. They are the following: 

1. Animal Print Everything! 

This trend has really blown up in the last year and we don't see it going anywhere! We will be seeing this in not only clothing but accessories as well (hint hint - we may have some pieces coming in)


2. Camo Print

Again, another trend that has been huge in the last year. We already have a bunch of Camo print in store but we are going to continue to bring more pieces in! Currently we are loving our Z-Supply Camo tee and the Z-Supply Camo Overalls! 


3. Wooden Buttons 

We've been seeing this detail everywhere! The wooden buttons has been seen on tops, dresses, rompers and pants. It is almost like another accessory to your outfit. You will definitely see this trend in our store. 

4. Neon Colours

This trend, or more colour palette is going to be huge this year. As a store we are still not sure we are jumping on this bandwagon. We havent found anything that really spoke to us. Is this trend something you would want to see in store?? 

5. Accessories and Lifestyle pieces

We found so many amazing accessories and lifestyle pieces we can't wait for you to see! We picked so many amazing belts, hats, and beauty pieces. Also we found these reading glasses that are so cute! We think you'll love them!! Any other requests?

We found so many amazing pieces that we can't wait for you to see! We hope you enjoyed seeing some sneak peeks and hints as whats to come! 

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