Denim 101:

Denim 101:

March 21, 2019


Now that Spring is finally approaching (I hope) we are so excited to get our closets into Spring Mode. If Marie Kondo has taught us anything its to take everything out and look at every single article and give it away if it doesn’t 'spark joy', so lets do that with everyone's denim collection. One article of clothing that is such a big part of everyone's wardrobe (or should be) is denim! With so many different styles and washes its easy to change up our outfit just by your jeans. 


Its no longer a thing to have two pairs of jeans, your black and blue. I also love that your dark jeans are not just your fancy jean! You can throw on your distressed light wash jeans with a heel and be dressed up for your night out! You can still have your classic black and blue skinny jeans but now you can also add a flare, a cropped, distressed, straight leg, and more styles to your collection! 
I like to think of myself as a Jean Connoisseur, aka every jean ’sparks joy’ for me. I make no apologies for this. Jeans are something that I wear 7 days a week so I love to try different styles and fits. We recently got some new Spring styles in from Paige (they are so so good), Fidelity, Articles of Society, and more! 
Let's start with some styles that we carry. 


The tried and true classic, the skinny jean! The staple that will never go out of style. If you prefer High rise these are my favourite, the Paige Hoxton. They are the perfect combination of a mid and high rise. They still hit below your bellybutton so they are a great introductory to the high rise fit. We just received our new light wash Hoxton’s in a cropped length that will easily be your new go-to jean. Again, perfect for the Spring weather. Pair these with heels or sneakers and you’re set! Some other honourable mentions would be our new Articles of Society Heather style jean and the Levi’s Mile-high jean. Both are a higher rise than the Hoxton's but are great options at a more affordable price point. 


The past couple of years this has been growing popular style. I believe ever since Levi's made a come back the straight leg from other companies really started to come out. I personally like to put the slim and straight leg into one category. Once again my favourite brand, Paige, makes the most amazing straight leg jeans. They are called the Sarah slim, they are a higher rise than your classic Hoxton style but give a great effect. Another one of my favourite styles is the J-Brand Ruby jeans. They are a high rise slim leg, cropped length with a raw hem. They are also super comfortable! Win win! 


If you love the straight/slim leg but want them to fit a bit more comfortable the boyfriend style is for you! One of our most popular boyfriend styles is our Kut from the Kloth Catherine Jean. It is more of a cotton denim but they have an amazing fit! Mid rise and the perfect amount of baggy and fitted to make you look so good! Paige also has their Brigitte which is their boyfriend style. Can't go wrong with either! 


Onto the flare jean! To me this speaks Spring and Summer but you could totally wear these year round! For us this is a new style for us from Paige but we are so excited about it! The Atley is a high rise, cropped, flare jean with distressing at the knees. We are loving these with a sneaker or mule and a leather jacket! Fidelity also has a similar style called the Hayden! Again, it is a high rise, cropped, flare jean. Both brands have a great amount of stretch to them. 


There are no rules that you have to put away your white denim after Labour Day! White denim is no longer a seasonal item. We have some amazing white denim in stores at the moment - so hurry in! Let's start off with our Levi's 724 High rise, straight leg jeans (I cannot confirm nor delay that these came home with me). They are so flattering with being high waisted but don't make me feel like my legs are totally on display since they are a straight or slim leg. We also received two different white denim styles from Paige, surprise surprise! Both in distressed denim and non-distressed. 

How to care for your denim

We get this question all the time! How do you wash your jeans? Do you wash them - yes this is a question. Is the dryer good or bad for your jeans? Well, I'm here to set the record straight. My belief is that you shouldn't be washing your jeans after every wear. Try to wash your jeans 1-2 times a month.. If that.. I know it sounds gross but unless they have actual dirt on them they are still good!! Always wash your jeans inside out, especially if they are a dark colour, and on a cold cycle. Heat = ruined sad jeans. Anything that has a little bit of stretch to it will be ruined if you put heat to it. Which comes to the dryer. Do not put jeans in the dryer!! This is where they go to die!! Especially if you have elastic in your denim! To recap - Machine wash cold, inside out. Lay flat to dry! I know you are going to say but then they are so stiff when they are finally dry - wear them for 20 minutes and they will be good as new! Your jeans will thank you, and me. 
I hope you all feel inspired and look forward to your denim shopping experience! We are so excited to get your fitted in these amazing pieces! 
Happy Shopping! 
Us - **Adds 10 pairs of jeans to their shopping cart**
-Denise Boutiques xoxo

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